ABCs of Skin Care ~ G is for Gullible

Ok, I admit this probably sounds like it has nothing to do with skin care, but hear me out.

Gullible: a person who is easily deceived, tricked, cheated or fooled. I might also add that a fool and his money are soon parted.

When it comes to skin care there are billions of dollars to be made preying on innocent and gullible people. Open up any fashion magazine or type #skincare in any search bar and thousands of hits will pop up. Much of the information you mine will be helpful and accurate, but just as much will be full of inaccuracies, fearmongering, or blatant BS.

I despise BS.

I don’t mean Back Stabbing or Blue Screen By Standers either. I am referring to male cow excrement, AKA flat out LIES.

Oh the lies…sometimes I feel the need to put on my wellies before I wade into the depths of sh** I read when it comes to skin care promises:

“You need a peel!”

“Eliminates wrinkles and dark spots”

“Cure your acne in just 3 days!”

“Banish pores forever!”

“This is the only product you will ever need!”

“All preservatives in skin care are toxic!”


Lets start with “You need a peel.” Umm, no you don’t. Don’t get me wrong, peels can be helpful for reducing lines and discoloration, and may give you an overall fresher appearance, but you don’t NEED a peel. In fact, if your skin is irritated, red or sensitive, a peel is probably the LAST thing you need. By nature, any kind of peel will exfoliate and increase water loss temporarily. We call this TEWL or trans epidermal water loss. TEWL is a big reason why people with sensitive reactive skin feel uncomfortable to begin with. Their skin literally can’t hold on to water. Peeling it make this WORSE not better.

“Eliminates wrinkles and dark spots” Well, you can reduce lines and wrinkles, or temporarily plump them and improve the appearance of wrinkles, but typically you can’t eliminate them. To be fair, there are more aggressive treatments that have a visible effect on lines such as nano-needling, micro needling and some forms of laser, but you still won’t eliminate them permanently. Just keep living and they WILL come back. I like to think of lines as battle scars for a life well lived 🙂

“Cure your acne in just 3 days” Oh hell no. You may be able to reduce the visible redness in 3 days, but you are NOT curing anything. Acne takes 3 months to develop, and I guarantee you won’t even be touching the 4 main causes of acne in just 3 days. This also apples to the practices that promise that one $500 “acne peel” is all you will need for perfectly clear skin. This is an egregious LIE. By the way, if you are struggling with acne, please give us a call at 401-632-4444.

“Banish pores forever!” Oh dear… look I understand that we live in the age of Photoshop and are surrounded by impeccable images of porcelain clear skin, but none of that is real or realistic. Pore sizes are genetic, and they may appear larger or smaller based on whether or not they are clean, your sun exposure, your age, your hormones and even if you are using comedogenic ingredients. Pores play a vital role in maintaining a healthy skin microbiome and keeping your skin lightly lubricated. Let me point out here that almost NO ONE is looking at your skin that closely anyway.

“This is the only product you will ever need!” Seriously? I don’t know about you, but my skin is completely different than it was when I was 16. I had ACNE, and I was obsessed with keeping my face from getting shiny. Now that I’m 52, I’m looking to add back that glow! The Oxy10 and Sea Breeze I used to use would be a nightmare for me now. Statements like these are designed to make you a customer for life, not to actually take care of your skin.

“All preservatives in skin care are toxic!” This one is also a good example of fear mongering. Let me just say that you are much better off having skin care with a tiny amount of preservative than smearing a mold and bacteria ridden cream all over your face. Preservatives are designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. That’s exactly how and why they work. If a product says preservative free, you really want to check the expiration date. I have seen skin care that is literally only good for 7 days after opening. To be fair, some preservatives are safer than others. That’s a whole other blog post.

A few other examples include the 20 year old blogger taking about her favorite coconut oil serum and how it makes her skin so beautiful and glowy. She’s glowy because SHE’S 20!!! It doesn’t have diddly squat to do with the serum she uses! Did I mention that she probably is being paid by the company to promote their products? Yea, paid promotion is a thing. Don’t get me started on coconut oil again…

I cringe inside when I see people buying all these “anti-aging” products, and then tanning or sunbathing. Well because the girl at the tanning booth “said” it was safe for their skin. Seriously! I once had a client who JUST had laser surgery to remove precancerous lesions and she came in all red from the tanning booth! The best ‘anti-aging’ product is SUNSCREEN!! Its not the only thing that will help, but it will definitely have the biggest impact overall. Please practice SAFE SUN.

One last one and I will get off my soap box.

People who sell an MLM skin care product telling you what to use on your skin. THESE PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SKIN!!! They are taught how to SELL you STUFF, and thats about it. Well, except how to recruit you to sell their stuff too. Do you have any idea how many clients I have seen over the years who sell those products? They are actually coming to Viriditas for their skin care products and advice, then they go out and claim to be skin care experts. For real.

The bottom line is there is no one cream, no one treatment or single routine that will make your skin “perfect”. There is no “perfect”! Skin is a wonderful record of all the smiles and tears, laughter and love that you have experienced in your life. Its not a sin to have wrinkles. Its also not a sin to be gullible. If you prefer to be told the truth about skin care, please come visit Viriditas Beautiful Skin! Its a no BS zone.

KITTIES!! Just because 🙂

Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

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