Me?  Well, I am a full-time licensed esthetician (skin care specialist –  facials) in private practice in Providence RI.  My approach to skin care is holistic, meaning to see from all angles.  Most people like to pigeon-hole that into “organic,” but that is not necessarily the case.

I have been actively studying herbs and wellness since 1986, so I do have a ~little~ more understanding about how our skin reflects wellness or dis-ease, and I incorporate that knowledge into my work.  As a self-professed knowledge junkie, I have had the pleasure of studying a myriad of interesting modalities including: aromatherapy, herbal medicine, diet and nutrition (God help the vegetarians, sorry!), sound therapy, hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy, cell salts, ayurveda, TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs in the Vitalist Tradition, Reiki, Polarity, makeup, microcurrent facial rejuvenation, and a whole bunch more I can’t think of at the moment!

Along with all that juicy wellness stuff, I am a wife, Mom, small business owner, avid bellydancer, nature lover, (OMG are you bored yet?), and a voracious reader.  Anthropology, biology, archaeology, mysticism, you name it, and I probably have several books on the subject, and yes, I actually read them!

I tend to take in lots of information, mull it around, then throw it outside of the box and see how it looks before I repack it.  Hope you enjoy my musings!


English: The Old Oak Tree.
Image via Wikipedia

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